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Versions of Modern Performance

limited purple lp - £23.99 | Buy
Murky indie alt-anthems - measuredly understated but satisfyingly hooky.


LP + download - £21.99 | Buy
the funniest, funkiest feminist pop album ever.
wet leg
  1. Being In Love
  2. Chaise Longue
  3. Angelica
  4. I Don’t Wanna Go Out
  5. Wet Dream
  6. Convincing
  7. Loving You
  8. Ur Mum
  9. Oh No
  10. Piece of Shit
  11. Supermarket
  12. Too Late Now


wet leg

wet leg

  • black lp in spine sleeve w/ gold foil block

    Released: 8th Apr 2022

  • cd

    Released: 8th Apr 2022


A debut that came out of nowhere, when nothing good was happening, from a place not really renowned for its musical output.

In many ways, this energetic duo from the Isle of Wight owned 2022. “On the chaise longue, on the chaise longue, on the chaise longue, all day long”. We were all happy enough to frolic along with the girls’ bouncy lockdown song. But the question was, could Rhian Teasdale & Hester Chambers get up from their reclining position & deliver a whole album that matched up to that distinctive blast of late twenty-something joie-de-vivre? Well, you know what?....it turns out they could! And they gave us something of real substance. Something enduring. Something with legs, you might say.

Their youthfulness never manifests as naivety or lacks in proficiency & if their fresh faces hadn’t been plastered all over everything, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d grown up in the age of early 90’s slacker indie & shoegaze. They’re obviously indebted to both but they build crushing guitars, driving rhythms, surf twang & dry, sassy wit into the most convincing & memorable collection of maudlin musings & thumping indie anthems we’ve heard in years. We couldn’t better their profile blurb: “Wet Leg is sad music for party people and party music for sad people”. Exactly this.

“More than justifies the hype...two-minute songs that are communal acts of joy.” - Loud & Quiet