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Clara Rockmore

The Lost Theremin Album (first time on vinyl!)

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A new LP collection of incredible performances by the virtuosa of theremin, Clara Rockmore, accompanied by her sister Nadia Reisenberg on piano.
Theremin (2021 repress)
  1. Vocalise
  2. Song Of Grusia
  3. The Swan
  4. Pantomime
  5. Hebrew Melody
  6. Romance Berceuse
  7. Habanera
  8. Berceuse
  9. Valse Sentimentale
  10. Sérénade Mélancolique
  11. Chant Du Ménestrel

Clara Rockmore

Theremin (2021 repress)

Mississippi Records
  • 160g lp in tip-on jacket + poster

    Released: 10th Dec 2021


Official reissue of the 1977 album of Clara Rockmore’s stunning theremin performances of various classical compositions, accompanied by her sister Nadia Reisenberg on piano.

Includes gorgeous interpretations of pieces by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Ravel and more. An all time classic classical album, finally back in print. Rockmore was a violin child prodigy with training at the Imperial Conservatory in St. Petersberg. A refugee of the Russian Revolution, she arrived in New York with her family in 1921, and soon after met Professor Lev Sergeyevich Termen, inventor of the remarkable theremin, one of the first electronic instruments in existence. Rockmore stunned crowds by playing music both highly technical and emotionally intense, all without ever touching her instrument. Her work represented the cutting edge of electronic music, inspiring a generation of innovators (including Bob Moog, who co-produced this record). On her custom built theremin, Rockmore channeled deep human emotion through an electronic device for the first time.