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Age Of Apathy

deluxe tie dye 2lp

bone colour lp

  1. Sister Starling
  2. B61
  3. Phoenix
  4. Age of Apathy
  5. Elevators
  6. Prodigal Daughter
  7. Galahad
  8. Town of Mercy
  9. Lucky Star
  10. What Do You Want From Yourself
  11. Passengers
  12. Phoenix (acoustic ep)
  13. Galahad (acoustic ep)
  14. Passengers (acoustic ep)
  15. B61 (acoustic ep)
  16. Age of Apathy (acoustic ep)
  17. Elevators (acoustic ep)
  18. Sister Starling (acoustic ep)
  19. Town of Mercy (acoustic ep)

aoife o'donovan (i'm with her)

Age Of Apathy

yep roc
  • limited deluxe "tye dye" lp + bonus acoustic ep

    Released: 28th Jan 2022

  • CD

    Released: 28th Jan 2022


The co-founder of the trio, I'm With Her, continues her passion for collaboration on this album that includes guest appearances by Madison Cunningham and Allison Russell.

The album's singles include "Phoenix," "Passengers," and "Prodigal Daughter (featuring Allison Russell)".