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Ibibio Sound Machine

Pull The Rope

very limited indies only black / blue / red lp + *signed* print - £26.99 | Buy
limited indies only black / blue / red lp - £25.99 | Buy

black lp - £24.99 | Buy

cd - £13.99 | Buy
An optimistic set of heart-rate bumpers, limb-swingers, and thought-provokers from the electronic afrobeat group - they've brought back the soulful sounds t...

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black 2lp - £26.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
Marching to the beat of a different drum, ‘Topical Dancer’ has been a constant on the Resident stereo this year: “These are nocturnal heaters ...


  1. Protection From Evil
  2. Electricity
  3. Casio (Yak Nda Nda)
  4. Afo Ken Doko Mien5. All That You Want
  5. Wanna See Your Face Again
  6. 17 18 19
  7. Truth No Lie
  8. Oyoyo
  9. Something We’ll Remember (CD & LP Download Bonus track)
  10. Almost Flying (CD & LP Download Bonus track)
  11. Freedom (CD & LP Download Bonus track)

Ibibio Sound Machine


Merge Records
  • cd

    Released: 25th Mar 2022


Every Ibibio album has been in our AOTY list - as they evolve, we follow.

Album no.4 might even be the best representation of their shapeshifting, politically charged, West African funk / electronic bass music yet, with production recognisably in the hands of synthpop stalwarts Hot Chip.