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Kathryn Joseph


limited 7" - £6.99
The final single to be taken from ‘From When I Wake The Want Is, (Kathryn's second album released last summer), complete with an exclusive new track a...
Kathryn Joseph

from when I wake the want is

CD - £9.99 | Buy
heavyweight clear lp - £16.99
An other-wordly and devastatingly affecting sophomore from a distinctive artist navigating her way through life’s challenges.

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for you who are the wronged
  1. what is keeping you alive makes me want to kill them for
  2. the burning of us all
  3. only the sound of the sea would save them
  4. how well you are
  5. until the truth of you
  6. the harmed
  7. bring to me your open wounds
  8. flesh and blood
  9. of all the broken
  10. for you who are the wronged
  11. long gone

Kathryn Joseph

for you who are the wronged

Rock Action
  • limited "flesh colour" lp + download - 1 per customer

    Released: 22nd Apr 2022

  • cd

    Released: 22nd Apr 2022


We saw a lot of new artists at this year’s Great Escape but one of the most compelling & affecting performances came from the self-proclaimed “oldest person performing”.

Live, the Glaswegian is one of the most entertaining humans ever to grace a stage. And that’s it really. She’s human. And she shows us every facet of what it is to be human. Lost, fragile, feisty, funny, confident, energetic, intoxicating...& intoxicated! ‘For You Who Are The Wronged’ is another heart wrenchingly beautiful set that brings smiles, tears, laughter & shivers. Delicately embroidering stark keys with her transcendent vocals, she’s bestowed yet another ethereal & bewitching minimalist / maximalist album upon us.