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Released: 11th Apr 2011



Released: 11th Apr 2011


7 - resident top picks of 2011 since the experimentation & rocking out on ‘the great destroyer’ & ‘drums & guns’, alan sparhawk has channelled his rock god tendencies into the equally brilliant retribution gospel choir.

now 4 years on, low have returned to the slowcore sound of ‘things we lost in the fire’ & ‘trust’ & this could end up being the equal of those 2 classics. certainly, opener ‘try to sleep’ is right up there with the likes of ’amazing grace’, yes, really that good. what has changed is that the band now seem to leave even more space in the songs than ever before, adding to the sense of grace & melancholy, with mimi’s harmony vocals reaching new levels of beauty & heartbreak, the lyrics rawer & more confessional. without curtailing their artistry one iota, the trio have made one of their most accessible, affecting albums to date. “low’s virtue remains grace, of all kinds” 4/5 – uncut, “the best low album in 10 years” – mojo, “more glorious desolation” 4/5 – q.



1.     Try to Sleep             
2.     You See Everything             
3.     Witches             
4.     Done             
5.     Especially Me             
6.     $20             
7.     Majesty/Magic             
8.     Nightingale             
9.     Nothing But Heart             
10.   Something's Turning Over