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The Gold Experience



Released: 17th Jun 2022


‘The Gold Experience’ was the first full length Prince album to be credited to his unpronounceable symbol and was released at the most public, heated stage of his battle with the major label industrial complex.

With the word “SLAVE” written on one cheek, Prince shone on the opulent ballads ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’ and ‘Gold’, was defiant on the single ‘Eye Hate U’, with the album earning widespread critical acclaim.

The Gold Experience


  1. P. Control
  2. NPG Operator #1
  3. Endorphinmachine
  4. Shhh
  5. We March
  6. NPG Operator #2
  7. The Most Beautiful Girl In the World
  8. Dolphin
  9. NPG Operator #3
  10. Now
  11. NPG Operator #4
  12. 319
  13. NPG Operator #5
  14. Shy
  15. Billy Jack Bitch
  16. Eye Hate U
  17. NPG Operator #6
  18. Gold