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deep in view

fire talk

limited indies only cloudy clear lp

Released: 8th Jul 2022



Released: 8th Jul 2022



Released: 8th Jul 2022


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Titled after philosopher Alan Watts' anthology of the same name, 'Deep In View' is built on a foundation of elegant guitar grooves and knotty rhythms, offering commentary on modern life and technology through curious lyrical vignettes, where quotidian objects and scenes are never just as they seem.

The debut album from former Ought members Tim Darcy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Stidworthy (bass) alongside Evan Cartwright (drums) is equally a product of introspective songwriting as it is a consideration of the abstract landmarks of an increasingly media-mediated society. It also presents the most concise and melodic songs Darcy and Stidworthy have written to date.. The album sounds streamlined and intentional, as the rhythms of the punchy and exuberant guitar parts, urgent basslines, and unexpected drum patterns all tangle with each other in an elegant dance. At the center of all these elements is Darcy, whose characteristically wry voice shifts from detached to decisive to distressed, throughout the album's course. Both enigmatically dense in meaning but precisely intricate in sound, Deep in View is an album that sparks novel interpretations with every listen, like an art object that takes on new shape with each angle from which you hold it.

deep in view


  1. Blank Curtain
  2. So Excited
  3. At Pace
  4. Met Resistance
  5. Degree
  6. Water Table
  7. Gossamer
  8. Mint
  9. Fulton Park
  10. Landers