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limited *SIGNED* blood red lp - 1 per customer

Released: 29th Apr 2022

£19.99 £14.98

limited lp - 1 per customer

Released: 29th Apr 2022


Diner is an alt-indie duo from Brighton, UK formed by Clark Left and Richard Jayston who share a sonic vision: the uneasy mystery of Lynch, the repetition of Can, the drones of Saharan blues and the dense atmosphere of Eno.

Both Diner and their debut album Fold present a series of paradoxes. Technically Fold is an elaborate record, as lead singer Clark explains “We're interested in creating music that's textured and layered. We like driving, pulsing rhythms and unconventional, but catchy hooks.” Yet on its surface Fold presents as something minimal with clinically hypnotic beats and rhythms, and deliciously spacious soundscapes.



  1. Arm The Ridge
  2. Dog Lead Me On
  3. Everyone’s Arrived
  4. Fold
  5. Glue, Love
  6. Picture Like Leeches
  7. Stay Down
  8. Through The Door First
  9. Winter Me
  10. Yours