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Incidental Music 1991 - 1995 (rsd 22)

Merge Records

Record Store Day 2022 - opaque green / opaque orange 2lp in gatefold

Released: 23rd Apr 2022


Superchunk’s Incidental Music: 1991-1995 is the band’s second compilation of singles, B-sides, and EPs, originally released in 1995 shortly after their landmark album Foolish.

It collects fan favorites from soundtracks such as “Shallow End” and B- sides like “On the Mouth,” as well as covers of The Magnetic Fields, The Verlaines, The Chills, and even Motörhead. AllMusic’s Fred Thomas says it all: “Incidental Music is an essential piece of the Superchunk discography and a snapshot of the band as it transitioned from the scrubby radiance of its early days into the more nuanced songwriting machine it became throughout the mid-’90s.” Exclusively for Record Store Day 2022, the double LP makes its first reappearance on vinyl since its original release

Incidental Music 1991 - 1995 (rsd 22)


  1. Shallow End
  2. Mower
  3. On the Mouth
  4. Cadmium
  5. Who Needs Light
  6. Ribbon
  7. Foolish
  8. 100,000 Fireflies
  9. Invitation
  10. Makeout Bench
  11. Baxter
  12. Connecticut
  13. Lying in State
  14. Throwing Things (Acoustic)
  15. I’ll Be Your Sister
  16. Night of Chill Blue
  17. Forged It
  18. Home at Dawn