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cave in

Until Your Heart Stops (deluxe edition)

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The classic genre-defining album is now remastered with the originally intended track sequence.
Heavy Pendulum


  1. New Reality
  2. Blood Spiller
  3. Floating Skulls
  4. Heavy Pendulum
  5. Pendulambient
  6. Careless Offering
  7. Blinded By A Blaze
  8. Amaranthine
  9. Searchers of Hell
  10. Nightmare Eyes
  11. Days of Nothing
  12. Waiting For Love
  13. Reckoning
  14. Wavering Angel

cave in

Heavy Pendulum

  • cd

    Released: 20th May 2022

  • limited aqua blue 2lp - 1 per customer

    Released: 20th May 2022

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The legendary CAVE IN makes a highly anticipated return with their Relapse Records debut, Heavy Pendulum - their first full studio record in over a decade.

Produced by Kurt Ballou at God City, Heavy Pendulum showcases everything that has long established CAVE IN as one of the best contemporary rock, hardcore, and metal bands since their monumental 1998 debut Until Your Heart Stops. From the driving tracks such as crushing opener "New Reality" to the metallic edge of "Blood Spiller", Heavy Pendulum sees CAVE IN look back at their discography and capture their most memorable, visceral, and forward-thinking moments to create a record that is all at once familiar and in true CAVE IN fashion, ahead of the mainstream.