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Moments of Madness
  1. Coming Out Of The Wilderness
  2. Red Rose
  3. I Wannahideinsideaya
  4. Looking For You
  5. When I Was A Young Man
  6. Moments Of Madness
  7. Beware Of The Doll
  8. Too Much Trash
  9. Lasagna
  10. Heartbreak At Seven

Hugh Cornwell

Moments of Madness

His Records
  • cd

    Released: 21st Oct 2022


A high watermark and a modern-day masterpiece, Moments of Madness is being tipped as the most significant album of Hugh’s career.

Widely regarded as the poet laureate of the punk era (from his early career fronting the Stranglers to his transition as a solo artist), Hugh Cornwell has built a substantial and singular body of impressive solo albums. His tenth solo opus, Moments of Madness, continues his illustrious output by experimenting with musical genres as his enviable reputation as a wordsmith resounds across this album's songs. Self-produced, and playing all of the instruments himself, Moments of Madness' ten incredible tracks finds Hugh flexing his musical muscles with a stripped down, offbeat, reverberating sixties vibe ringing from the seductive melodies and lyrically distinctive perceptions that are indelibly stamped with Hugh’s trademark imagination. Vocally and lyrically a career-best, Hugh has never sounded so good on his tenth solo album.