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Yo La Tengo

This Stupid World

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The New Jersey trio have always been capable of whopping out gutsy yet fragile, tender yet muscular records but on album number 17, they’ve really outdone the...
Yo La Tengo

sleepless night ep

limited 12" (1 per person) - £13.99
Covers albums can go wrong in the wrong hands but yo la tengo get it oh so right on this EP comprised of the new original track 'Bleeding' plus five cov...
Yo La Tengo

ELECTR-O-PURA (2020 reissue)

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Continuing with their ever-expanding Revisionist History series, Matador Records announce a 25th anniversary reissue of Yo La Tengo’s 1995 album Electr-o-...
I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (25th anniversary edition)
  1. Return to Hot Chicken
  2. Moby Octopad
  3. Sugarcube
  4. Damage
  5. Deeper into Movies
  6. Shadows
  7. Stockholm Syndrome
  8. Autumn Sweater
  9. Little Honda
  10. Green Arrow
  11. One PM Again
  12. The Lie and How We Told It
  13. Center of Gravity
  14. Spec Bebop
  15. We're an American Band
  16. My Little Corner of the World

Yo La Tengo

I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (25th anniversary edition)

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    Released: 26th Aug 2022

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The second instalment of Matador’s 2022 “Revisionist History” Catalog Series, including albums from Pavement, Interpol and Spoon.

“A stone cold classic.” – Rolling Stone “The greatest band in the universe.” – Pitchfork “I Can Hear The Heart helped teach people how to listen to music.” – Stereogum