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  1. Yehaiyahan — Love Hurts
  2. Likkle Mai — Haste Makes Waste
  3. Rita Morar — Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)
  4. In Temi Oyedele — I Dupe (Thanks Giving)
  5. Neyssatou — War
  6. Maria Wenda — Okama Werek Halok
  7. Kerieva — Chavale
  8. JaGodDa — Krysztalowy Aniol (Crystal Angel)
  9. Saba Tewelde — Semarulay Daqey
  10. Nadya Ostroff DR.NO — Little Cosmonaut

Adrian Sherwood Presents: Dub No Frontiers

various artists

Real World Productions
  • cd

    Released: 14th Oct 2022

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Dub No Frontiers is inspired by and features female vocalists that Adrian Sherwood and the On-U Sound label knew from the UK or had met while travelling around the world.

Many of the singers said they felt the dub and reggae arena was a bit of a male preserve and a little intimidating even, so Sherwood decided to invite artistes to perform a song of their choice, all in non-English on his rhythm tracks. Vocalists include Likkle Mai (singing in Japanese), Rita Morar (Hindi), Kerieva (Romani), Neyssatou (Arabic) & Yehaiyahan (Chinese). The album is dedicated to the memory of both Ariane ‘Ari Up’ Forster and Lincoln Valentine ‘Style’ Scott with whom the project started.