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abstract figures in the dark

cd - £11.99
the thrilling Brighton 3-piece release their long-awaited debut album of wonderfully constructed yet visceral alternative rock, fusing melody, musicianship and ...


  1. Blessed Be Thy
  2. Beauty and Grace
  3. At The Core
  4. Congregation
  5. Deadlights
  6. Market
  7. I Saw You Dancing
  8. Snare
  9. Bloom
  10. Sour
  11. Bloodlust
  12. Slow Burn
  13. 12

Witch Fever


music for nations
  • lp

    Released: 21st Oct 2022

  • cd

    Released: 21st Oct 2022


Direct, hard-hitting energy that was even more direct & hard-hitting when it was delivered in our faces whilst they were climbing on the racks during their phenomenal instore! The Manchester punk quartet’s riff- heavy, lyrically furious debut relentlessly & brilliantly unleashes their rage.