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Echo And The Bunnymen

live in Liverpool (2022 reissue)


140g 2lp

Released: 5th Aug 2022


Beloved gloomy post-punk group Echo & The Bunnymen formed in Liverpool in 1978 and are known for the unmistakable voice of frontman Ian McCulloch and the dazzling guitar playing of Will Sergeant.

The band’s songs have inspired countless acts including Richard Ashcroft, Doves, Editors, Arcade Fire and Manic Street Preachers. ‘Live In Liverpool’ was recorded across two nights in August 2001 at Paul McCartney’s Institute of Performing Arts in the band’s native city. The album captures electrifying performances of timeless Bunnymen classics including ‘The Killing Moon’, ‘The Cutter’, ‘Lips Like Sugar’ and ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

live in Liverpool (2022 reissue)


  1. Rescue
  2. Lips Like Sugar
  3. King Of Kings
  4. Never Stop
  5. Seven Seas
  6. Buried Alive
  7. SuperMellowMan
  8. My Kingdom
  9. Zimbo
  10. All That Jazz
  11. An Eternity Turns
  12. Back Of Love
  13. The Killing Moon
  14. The Cutter
  15. Over The Wall
  16. Nothing Lasts Forever
  17. Ocean Rain