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  1. Dark Ages
  2. Entrance To The Unknown
  3. Uncovering Truth
  4. Thesis (cd only)
  5. Amalgamation
  6. This Too
  7. Times (Feat. Lex Amor)
  8. Black Liberation Prologue
  9. Black Liberation



  • lp

    Released: 15th Jul 2022

  • cd

    Released: 15th Jul 2022


these lush arrangements, birthed from neoclassical & contemporary jazz traditions, paint a decadent backdrop for doomcannon's poignant ruminations on the past 4 years.

This meticulously crafted debut journeys. through an awakening and reimagining of the young Black British experience. Sequentially moving through a rich breadth of soundscapes, ‘Renaissance’ signifies the birth of a new era in DoomCannon’s trajectory. Inspired by an accumulation of experiences over the past four years and defined by significant events like the global pandemic to the worldwide outcry of the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020. DoomCannon spearheaded a plethora of forward-thinking, improvised Jazz-inspired outfits (Project Karnak, Triforce) and is the Musical Director of award-winning vocalist, Celeste, performing live at the Brit Awards and Later with Jools Holland.