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sigur ros

Agaetis Byrjun

fat cat


Released: 1st Jan 2001


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Released: 8th Apr 2013


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vinyl reissue of sigur ros' 1999 sophomore album, where the band's keen sense of glacial beauty & drama is contained within an elegant scope of melodies.

the album pumps in the morning mist with 'sven-g-englar', a song of such accomplished gorgeousness that one wonders why such a tiny country as iceland can musically outperform entire continents in just a few short minutes. the rest of this full-length follows such similar quality. extremely deep strings underpin falsetto wails from the mournfully epic ('viðar vel tl loftárasa') to the unreservedly cinematic ('avalon'). one will constantly be waiting to hear what fascinating turns such complex musicianship will take at a moment's notice.

Agaetis Byrjun