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Part experimental indie and part '70s soft rock, Califone's first record in three years finds creative force Tim Rutili reaching new levels of harmony, ...
Roots & Crowns (2022 reissue)
  1. Pink and Sour
  2. Spider’s House
  3. Sunday Noises
  4. The Eye You Lost in the
  5. Crusades
  6. A Chinese Actor
  7. Alice Crawley
  8. The Orchids (Psychic TV)
  9. Burned by the Christians
  10. Black Metal Valentine
  11. Rose-Petal-Ear
  12. 3 Legged Animals


Roots & Crowns (2022 reissue)

thrill jockey
  • limited indies only ice age blue lp + download

    Released: 22nd Jul 2022


“Uniting where you come from - your roots - with what you strive to be or what you reinvent yourself to become - crowns,” explains Tim Rutili.

“At the bottom of these songs are the memories and images you sift through in the process.” Califone are Tim Rutilli (Loftus, Dirty Three, Red Red Meat), Ben Massarella (Loftus, Modest Mouse, Red Red Meat), Joe Adamik (Orso, Iron & Wine) and Jim Becker (Iron & Wine, Bitchin Bajas, Orso). “Califone have always been stupidly underappreciated, and the further we stumble into the 21st Century, the more this music starts to feel both familiar and necessary: ‘Roots & Crowns’ is bluesy and soulful without reverting to revivalist schtick, and experimental without relying on blind cut-and-pasting. It is old and new, dirty and clean, alienating and accessible, sweet and ugly, organic and industrial, doting and vicious. It is one of the most quintessentially American records imaginable.” - Pitchfork