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gag salon

Get A Load Of This Guy

blitzcat records

super limited *signed* 12" ep - 1 per customer

Released: 30th Sep 2022


‘Get A Load of This Guy’, the debut EP from frenetic art-rock quartet Gag Salon is a 5 track whirlwind, pushing and pulling at the very limits of aural decency.

Their trademark Beefheartian wonk and icepick guitar pirouettes call to mind Gang of Four, DEVO or Television. Joseph Mumford’s frenzied vocal ruminations paint grimy, distorted vignettes of everyday drudgery. Described by DORK as "brilliantly bizarre", the record clings to the handhold between taut control and unhinged freeform liberation - a high-stakes, high-spirited recording process goes some way to explaining this, as they detail: “Get A Load Of This Guy was performed live straight off a 12 hour megabus. So heaven knows/no surprises how unhinged and delirious we were when we put it to tape…”\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Get A Load Of This Guy

  1. germs
  2. horses
  3. my gun
  4. don't eat stuff off the pavement
  5. 21st century classical music