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The Horrors




Released: 11th Jul 2011


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so, their debut may have been style over substance but their follow up was one of the most impressive & loved albums of 2009. where ‘primary colours’ drew heavily on my bloody valentine, jesus & mary chain & suicide, the slow-burning beauty of ‘skying’ owes more to the psychedelic furs, simple minds, the human league & even at times, dare we say it, the happy mondays & their baggy friends. the considerable song-writing prowess of this 5-piece is no longer in doubt & there’s not a dull or questionable moment on this record as we are drawn into their claustrophobic fog of heavy synths, baseline-lead grooves, snarling guitars, hammering rhythms & faris’s ever gloomy vocals. utterly brilliant! “an example of how an unwavering vision & a fiercely creative approach can produce stunning results” 5/5 – the fly, “richer, heavier, more lustrous than ‘primary colours’…’skying’ finds them greatly improved as musicians, their horizons broadened & technique honed, ready for the big time” 4/5 – uncut, “the horrors have come of age” 4/5 – mojo.