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fenella (jane weaver)


crystal clear lp + download - £19.99
clouds of spectral synth catatonia enshroud this darkly glittering album from the always brilliant jane weaver, showcasing the limitless scope of her creative v...
The Metallic Index
  1. Pulsion (Nurse On Train)
  2. Instituts Métapsychique
  3. A young girl of medium height"
  4. Hexagonal Table
  5. Telekinetoscopes
  6. Shadow Apparatus
  7. The Metallic Index
  8. Lilacs Illuminate In Indigo
  9. After the Visions
  10. Stellar In Spectra
  11. Are They With You? (The Final Chord)

fenella (jane weaver)

The Metallic Index

fire records
  • lp + download

    Released: 11th Nov 2022


A cascade of glittering synth work pours out of the speakers on each enthralling evolution from Jane Weaver and her spirited companions.

Jane Weaver's experimental ensemble in collaboration with Peter Philipson and Raz Ullah, Fenella, returns with a hallucinogenic excursion into ambient textures and hypnagogic drones on new album ‘The Metallic Index’. Taking further steps into their combined compositional universe with this follow-up to 2019’s acclaimed Fehérlófia album. Loosely based on a genuine story accounting the short-lived abilities of a young psychic nurse in 1920’s London, Fenella’s niche muse justifies this celebratory return to vinyl but not once does it fall into the supposed tropes of staid hauntological-plunderphonics which repeatedly come to muddy our thirsty streams. Fenella make spirited melodic progressive pop music that pulsates with the same magnetism that fans of Jane Weaver's own The Silver Globe and Modern Kosmology have come to expect and hold closely. Handcrafted using a generous archive of some of the best vintage equipment in the country (partly recorded at Soundgas studios in Darkest Derbyshire) the sound structures you hear at the heart of this album form the basis for Fenella's best work yet, while the individual spectral vocalisations and ethereal electronics that circle the room capture this trio's return, as peripheral visions, in full-phantasmic bloom.