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Thy Socialite!

Memphis Industries / Daylight Saving Records

Dinked 222 - "Brain Surgery Red" LP in Alternative Dinked Sleeve + signed art print (300 only) - 1 per customer

Released: 20th Jan 2023



Released: 20th Jan 2023



Released: 20th Jan 2023


Hard rock, glam, prog & pop all on one audacious record? Oh yes – it’s the return of SLUG!! Ranging from arena to art school, Ian Black’s work is as fun & unpredictable as ever as he continues to push his music in a conceptually smart, ambitious & adventurous direction.

“Thy Socialite!” will be released next year via a brand new label formed by Field Music’s Peter & David Brewis.

"This seemed like the perfect start for Daylight Saving Records," says David. "We've always loved what Ian does and it's been a thrill over the years to help Ian dig these wild musical ideas out from his brain. Now we can have a hand in putting them into people's ears too."

We’re super proud to be part of the launch of our beloved Brewis Borthers‘ new project.

“I wanted to include a more rockist palette,” Black says. “I wanted to see what I could get out of less indie audience friendly artists such as Toto, Sweet, Wings, Def Leppard and ZZ Top and merge it with a SLUG sensibility. Due to the more rock approach, I was happy for the album to become a big classic rock unit - pompous even.”

However, simply a pastiche & nostalgic throwback this isn’t. Despite the playful nods to some of the more grandiose, theatrical & overblown elements of the aforementioned genre, it’s also an album with a contemporary pop edge, slick production & a tangible connection to SLUG’s previous deft mix of indie, rock & art pop.

Thy Socialite!

  1. Insults Sweet Like Treacle
  2. Please Turn It Up
  3. Casual Cruelty
  4. Instant Reaction
  5. Honestly Subjective 'Bout Your Own Thing
  6. Lovingly Legerdemain
  7. Wow (Whatta Gurl)
  8. Depends On What You Think Is Nice
  9. Be a Good Martyr!
  10. Settled With a Wink
  11. I Love That Actually
  12. Silly Little Things That We Do
  13. Cut of Your Jib

dinked 222

  • “Brain surgery red” vinyl*
  • Alternate Dinked sleeve *
  • Signed art print *
  • Limited to 300 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition