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Theory of Becoming
  1. This Town Will Burn Before Dawn
  2. Cold Front
  3. Oumuamua, Space Wanderings
  4. Soudain, le vide
  5. Kaddish
  6. The Wheel Has Come Full Circle
  7. La Lettre d'un disparu
  8. After The Storm
  9. Don't Tell
  10. Loplop im Wald

Evgueni Galperine

Theory of Becoming

  • cd

    Released: 21st Oct 2022


A composer of Russian and Ukrainian heritage, currently based in France, Galperin is working with sound, texture and dynamics in new and powerfully expressive ways.

As he explains, the sound world of Theory of Becoming represents an "augmented reality of acoustic instruments, created from recordings made with real and virtual instruments. The numerous transformations the instruments undergo allow me to capture their acoustic nature while also adding techniques and colours impossible to produce in reality..." Galperin's compositions address wide ranging subjects: from the resilience of hope in the face of destruction to meditations on the journey of the soul, as well as travels through space and through the magical forests of Max Ernst's paintings.