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The Jesus Lizard

Goat (Remaster / Reissue) (2023 reissue)

LP - £29.99 | Buy
The Jesus Lizard's second album followed in the vein of the first with little immediate variation: loud, excellently produced by Steve Albini, plenty of spa...
Six Finger Satellite

The Pigeon Is The Most Popular Bird (30th anniversary edition)

limited "loser edition" remastered red & blue 2lp w/ updated artwork - £25.99 | Buy
30th anniversary vinyl reissue of Six Finger Satellite’s debut full-length, an absolute classic of angular noise-rock from 1993.
Horse Of The Dog


  1. Celebrate Your Mother
  2. Chicken
  3. Whack Of Shit
  4. Psychosis Safari
  5. Giant Bones
  6. Fishfingers
  7. Charge The Guns
  8. Morning Has Broken
  9. Team Meat
  10. Presidential Wave

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Horse Of The Dog

No Death
  • limited glow in the dark lp

    Released: 10th Mar 2023

  • cd

    Released: 10th Mar 2023


Formed in our very own phenomenal city on January 1st 2000, yes - at the strike of the millennium! - The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster emerged with a black-hearted blast of frenetic psychobilly, punk and goth.


Of course we were going to love them. They were made for us. Even before we (Resident) existed!! The band were
charged with a lunatic intensity which was perfectly captured on 2002’s ‘Hörse of the Dög’. It’s an intensity that resonates just as ardently over 20 years later.

“Behold an album too fast to live, but too young to ever die. The finest freak energy one can handle.” - Edgar Wright

“Yaaaaaaaas!! This is too awesome!!” The exact words exclaimed by ourbeloved ex-colleague James “Coops” Cooper when we told him this reissue was happening. He’s been pestering for years for someone to make this reissue a reality and in 2023, his Fairy Godmother made his dream come true. And many other 80s Matchbox worshippers too!!

Another of the band’s biggest fans, the film director Edgar Wright, penned the accompanying liner notes for the physical versions of the reissue. He writes: “The aural assault of the whole fucking album, represents the uniquely combustive togetherness of this band who in 2002 existed paradoxically both within and outside the music scene of the day...”

“One of the finest bands this country has ever produced. Fact.”
- Noel Fielding

For Fans Of: The Jesus Lizard / Mclusky / Pulled Apart By Horses / The Birthday Party / Girls Against Boys / The Cramps