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bear family


Released: 4th Nov 2022


As Chicago’s leading independent label for a couple of decades, Chess Records was known for its massive catalogue of blues, R&B, doo‐wop, rock and roll, jazz, and soul hits.

Rockabilly and white rock and roll output, not so much. Yet Chess and its subsidiaries Checker and Argo did indeed issue plenty of killer rockers along those lines—as Bear Family’s second excavation of those labels’ vaults attests. Sure, the the better‐known musicians like the prolific Bobby Charles and Dale Hawkins are here. But the emphasis is on more obscure delights by Dick Glasser, Bobby Dean, Bette Laine, and The Galaxies. There’s a taste of high‐stepping country from Jack Ford, highly infectious southern rock and roll by Steve Alaimo, Rod Bernard, and Freddie Fender, and a wee bit of tough R&B from Bobby Tuggle, Big Al Downing, and Billy Miranda, whose Run Rose gives Little Richard a run in the torrid department. Like its Bear Family predecessor BCD16123 (Vol. 10 in the ‘That’ll Flat…Git It!’ Series) which is also available, this collection should precipitate a reassessment of the mighty Chess Records legacy: it really was a full‐service roots music label. See You Soon Baboon!


  1. Four Letter Word (Rock) ‐ Dale Hawkins
  2. This Rock And Roll ‐ The Galaxies
  3. I Can't Wait ‐ Ray Stanley
  4. Dime Store Pony Tail ‐ Bobby Dean
  5. Pardon Mr. Gordon ‐ Rod Bernard
  6. Take It Easy Greasy ‐ Bobby Charles
  7. What Did He Say ‐ Terry & The Pirates
  8. She's My Baby ‐ Steve Alaimo & The Red Coats
  9. Proof Of Your Love ‐ Jackie Cannon Take My Heart ‐ Dale Hawkins
  10. You're Something Else For Me ‐ Freddy Fender
  11. Cousin Rockin' Roll Blues ‐ Tony March
  12. That's All You Gotta Do ‐ Jack Ford
  13. Watch It Sprocket ‐ Bobby Charles
  14. The $64.000 Question ‐ Bobby Tuggle
  15. Cool Off Baby (alt. take) ‐ Billy Barrix
  16. Go Mr. Dillon ‐ Bobby Dean
  17. Going Back To Memphis ‐ Gene Simmons
  18. Talk About The Girl Terry & The Pirates
  19. No More (I Ain't Gonna Leave You No More) ‐ Bobby Charles
  20. See You Soon Baboon ‐ Dale Hawkins
  21. I Found My Girl ‐ The Kents
  22. Make Believe Wedding Bells ‐ Dick Glasser
  23. Over A Coke ‐ Ray Stanley
  24. 6:15 ‐ The Galaxies
  25. I Am Ready ‐ Bobby Dean
  26. Run Rose ‐ Billy Miranda
  27. Rock‐A‐Bye Rock ‐ Bette Laine
  28. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl ‐ Don & Bob
  29. The Story Of My Life ‐ Big Al Downing
  30. Beautiful Delilah (alt. takes 15/16) ‐ Chuck Berry
  31. So Long Goodbye ‐ J. C. Hill
  32. Baby Bye, Bye ‐ Dickie & The Gee's