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the unthanks

Sorrows Away

180g 2LP w/laser-etched 4th side - 1 per customer - £22.99 | Buy
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CD - £12.99
Perhaps you heard? The most important and best loved British folk group in the last 20 years have been on the road since mid-April 2022 showcasing Sorrows Away....
Willy Mason

Already Dead

dinked 112 - very limited (600 only) numbered* 140g Transparent orange lp* w/ Printed double-sided poster insert* + download (* exclusive to dinked) - £22.99 | Buy
limited white lp - £21.99
He went awol for 9 years but as Willy’s been part of Resident life from the outset (2004 birthed both his ace debut & our shop), we’ll forgive h...


LP - £26.99 £9.98
King Creosote’s new experimental LP based around a comic made out of glass.

Island Family

lp + download - £19.99 | Buy
Island Family is the fifth album from Isle-of-Eigg dwelling electro-acoustic psych-pop wonder Pictish Trail, AKA Johnny Lynch.
The Great White Sea Eagle


  1. Sam & Jeanie McGreagor
  2. An Upturned Crab
  3. Keeping Up With The Grandchildren, Yeah
  4. The Heavy Lyric Police
  5. A Sweetness In You
  6. A Forestful Of Rougues
  7. Peter Paulo Van Der Heyden
  8. Mary
  9. Hold Out For Love
  10. The Harmony
  11. The Great White Sea Eagle
  12. A Hollow Skeleton Lifts A Heavy Wing
  13. Wake in the cracks (dinked flexi exclusive)

dinked edition 226:

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James Yorkston, Nina Persson & The Secondhand Orchestra

The Great White Sea Eagle

  • super limited black lp in gatefold - 1 per customer

    Released: 13th Jan 2023

  • cd

    Released: 13th Jan 2023

  • super limited indies dark green lp in gatefold - 1 per customer

    Released: 13th Jan 2023

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An unusual musical ensemble that sees the super-talented Scotsman extend his highly acclaimed collaboration with The Secondhand Orchestra, to include the Swedish songstress, Nina Persson (The Cardigans).

And they’ve got these sweeeet organic arrangements buttoned down perfectly!

'The Great White Sea Eagle' is the follow up to James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra’s 'The Wide, Wide River' - a Guardian Top 10 Folk Album of 2021.

In his Fife studio, Yorkston started writing songs on the piano, as opposed to his usual guitar, as he gazed upon the sea outside his window and with this shift came thoughts about other changes that could be made to the process, which led to the involvement of their guest singer.

They followed the same methodology as 'The Wide, Wide River' – apart from James, Nina and KJ, none of The Second Hand Orchestra had heard the music prior to entering the studio – and the arrangements were made up on the spot. Says James of the recording process: “The thing that they all had was the ability to give each other space and to come up with their parts based on what other people were playing naturally was a very quick process, and they were all so open, nobody was egotistical. Everything was just happy. I love the wildness in it.”

Whilst there is a lightness in sound to 'The Great White Sea Eagle', there is a dark humour throughout and the album conveys a rich message about life and grief, family and nature. James’ song for Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison, “A Sweetness In You”, being one such moment.


FOR FANS OF: The Unthanks / Willy Mason / King Creosote / The Pictish Trail / Cass McCombs