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the fall

The Marshall Suite (2023 reissue)

limited numbered 180g audiophile translucent red 2lp (1500 only) - £35.99 | Pre Order
'The Marshall Suite' is the 1999 album by the Fall.
the fall

Light User Syndrome (2023 reissue)

Very limited numbered 180g silver 2lp - £35.99 | Buy
The crisp, live edge to their 18th album is very well done, making it one of their most abbrasive and hardhitting album of the 90's.
the fall


limited black lp + 7" + *signed poSTCARD SET* in gatefold sleeve + download - 1 per customer - £32.99
Live Fall performances are always a pleasure because they seem to take what already made the Fall great and push it even a bit more into the rough and bloody un...
the fall

Futures and Pasts

2lp - £24.99 | Buy
This double vinyl package features tracks from across The Fall's glittering career.
the fall

1982- (2022 repress)

6CD boxset - £45.99 | Buy
Lavish 6CD box set of The Fall ’s 1982, featuring their critically-acclaimed album ‘Hex Enduction Hour’ originally released in March 1982 on K...
the fall

The Classical

Limited Red LP - £16.99 | Buy
Rebellious Jukebox (first time on vinyl!)
  1. Frightened
  2. Rebellious Jukebox
  3. Underground Medicine
  4. Before The Moon
  5. Your Heart Ou
  6. Muzoweri's Daughter
  7. Flat of Angels
  8. Spectre vs Rector
  9. The Classical
  10. Jawbone and the Air Rife
  11. Hip Priest
  12. Winter
  13. Who Makes the Nazis?
  14. Hard Life in the Country
  15. Solicitor in Studio
  16. Prole Art Threat
  17. Totally Wired
  18. Pay Your Rates
  19. An Older Lover
  20. Kicker Conspiracy
  21. Sing Harpy!
  22. Bill is Dead
  23. Black Monk Theme 1
  24. Black Monk Theme 2
  25. And Therein
  26. Extricate
  27. The Bourgeois Town
  28. Gotta See Jane
  29. Ibis-Afro Man
  30. The Acute

the fall

Rebellious Jukebox (first time on vinyl!)

  • limited 140g white 3lp in gatefold

    Released: 25th Nov 2022


Compilation of Classic tracks from across the Fall's career.