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the London-based duo of baritone saxophonist Joseph Henwood and drummer Tash Keary release ‘SLICE’, their first EP, hot on the heels of last Novembe...

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Blasting their cosmic blend of jazz & electronics into an intergalactic dancehall booming with life, vigour, & flair, the unstoppable trio have imbued e...


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This gaggle of hard men are starting to look a bit prolific, yet the speed of this follow-up belies the strength of these frenetic psych-punk sizzlers.
  1. ogo
  2. dubbo



speedy wunderground
  • very limited 7" (500 only)

    Released: 13th Jan 2023

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this both is and is not a classic speedy wunderground release: that signature, driving crispness is thriving as ever but these groovy skronk levels are unprecedented.

Speedy Wunderground continue their flair for finding and nurturing new talent, this time with the release of “OGO”, a debut single - and one that follows a triumphant performance at the Pitchfork Festival earlier this week - from the much-tipped South London two-piece O.. Produced, as ever, by the label's own Dan Carey, "OGO” showcases more of the mercurial magic that is ever-present across the Speedy Wunderground catalogue with its B-side, “dubbO”, a further treat for listeners - a skittish, dubby remix pulled from the roots of “OGO” by Carey.