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Drunk Tank Pink

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We liked their debut a lot.

songs of praise

LP + download - £22.99 | Buy
their debut lp seethes with a crackling post-punk intensity throughout, marrying caustic, razor-edged musicality with emotive melodies, dripping with sincere ou...

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Skinty Fia

lp - £19.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
3 albums in 3 years - our lives pre Fontaines now feel like a distant memory & it seems like there’s no stopping the momentous ascent of the boys from...

Ultimate Success Today

cd - £10.99 | Buy
ultimate success indeed! Their increasingly melodic post-punk continues to mature on a fifth lp painted with feverish rhythms and walls of mournful guitar that ...


ltd 180g lp - £28.99 | Buy
an absolute classic both of the cbgb's-era nyc sound & rock music in generally, expertly fusing punk, jazz & emotive, lyrically oblique songs.
Dry Cleaning


white lp - £24.99 | Buy
CD - £12.99 | Buy
The music is more expansive (but still stretched taut), the melodies are still subtle (but more spacious) & Florence Shaw even sings a bit (not much, mind)....
The Murder Capital

Gigi's Recovery

CD - £12.99 £6.49 | Buy
RSD Stores Exclusive Pink LP - £23.99 | Buy
Our much-treasured ruminating Irishmen returned to harness our souls once again with their second album.


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If you’re going to throw a curveball, might as well do it when you’re super confident you’ve got everyone’s attention, right? In a serio...
Food For Worms





  1. Fingers of Steel
  2. Six-Pack
  3. Yankees
  4. Alibis
  5. Adderall
  6. Orchid
  7. The Fall of Paul
  8. Burning By Design
  9. Different Person
  10. All The People


Food For Worms

Dead Oceans
  • blue/yellow lp

    Limited Indies Exclusive Blue and Yellow LP

    Released: 24th Feb 2023

  • purple lp

    Limited Transparent Purple LP

    Released: 24th Feb 2023


Turning their collective lens outwards, shame have evolved beyond their post-punk beginnings into a hive of extrospective electricity where the song comes before the genre.

The table that Shame sets out on ‘Food For Worms’ is laden with many different cuisines. Across this eclectic set menu, our ears get to snack on indie rock anthemics, flashes of glam and psych, and tender, ballad-like refrains, all punctuated by hard-as-nails post-punk heft. These flavours weave in and out of each other, never letting our palates experience sensory fatigue. It’s a fireworks display of aural stimulation, where the collective attack and melody of Shame rocks us back and forth from start to finish.