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Nuha Ruby Ra

Machine Like Me


*signed* very Limited Glow in the dark 12" ep

Released: 17th Mar 2023


On this colossally ambitious new EP, Nuha’s drive is plain to hear.

She played almost every instrument herself, holed up in a small Essex cabin, from the dirty bass drones of 'My Voice to Self-Portraiture’s' squalling battles between synth and guitar, the lurching punk stomp of '6 In The Morning' to the teeming electronics of 'Slicer', the manic industrial noise of Rise to You Never Know’s sudden strip back into moody ambience. “The most important thing to me is that I do exactly what I want,” says Nuha Ruby Ra. “Not in a stubborn way, but in the way I need as a person.”

Machine Like Me

  1. My Voice
  2. Self Portraiture
  3. 6 In The Morning
  4. Slicer
  5. Rise
  6. You Never Know