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*signed* limited indies only orange lp

Released: 17th Feb 2023



Released: 17th Feb 2023



Released: 17th Feb 2023


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retaining her incredibly poetic lyricism, expelled by that uniquely timbred voice, anna b savage’s second album allows more light into its lithe art-pop, granting it an extra depth of moreish-ness.

Vulnerability and curiosity have consistently been operative words to describe her work and on her second album she ruminates on the complexities and variables of humanity, the pain or pleasure of love, loss and earthly connection, capturing it all in devasta- ting, elating and powerful ways. The key difference between this and previous releases: she’s not anxious about what’s on the other side. She’s come to appreciate staying afloat - basking even - in the open ended, uncertainty of the grey area. “Baroque pop at its most exhilarating“ - MOJO “This is a gem of an album. Personal, honest and highly emotive, it tackles big questions; but most of all, it dares to be vulnerable.” - Clash Music



  1. The Ghost
  2. I Can Hear The Birds Now 
  3. Pavlov‘s Dog
  4. Crown Shyness
  5. Say My Name
  6. in
  7. FLUX
  8. Hungry
  9. Feet of Clay
  10. Touch Me
  11. The Orange