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Killing Eve'r - Ode To The Lovers

limited white w/ pink splatter lp in die-cut sleeve - £23.99 | Buy
Setting the tone to a T, Unloved’s soundtrack for the hit television show is just as good at soundtracking our lives as it is the small screen action - th...

the pink album

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THE PINK ALBUM, is dawn and dusk, the epic and the intimate.
Polychrome (The Pink Album Postlude)
  1. Polychrome
  2. Thrill me.
  3. I Did It.
  4. Thank you for being that friend, you know, the one you never want to say goodbye to.
  5. I just stop
  6. It's hard to hold you close when the world keeps turning.
  7. Only for you.
  8. Far From Here
  9. Rain on my parade


Polychrome (The Pink Album Postlude)

heavenly recordings
  • limited black lp

    Released: 24th Feb 2023


Unloved have developed their own uniquely cine literate sound that draws a straight line from the moody, doom obsessed girl group records of the early 1960s to the sonic experiments of electronic pioneers like Delia Derbyshire and Silver Apples via the darkest corners of David Lynch films and the crisp, mono beauty of the French New Wave.

'Polychrome' sees the band take a deeper dive into their world, with eight new tracks recorded at the same time at the band’s recently released third long player, 'The Pink Album', along with a welcome reappearance of 'Far From Here', a glorious widescreen tower of sound originally recorded and released as part of the band’s first EP, 2015’s 'Guilty of Love'. The record starts with a murmur of percussion and a metallic grind, as if the in-house band on a space station were warming up for the last show of the night. As phased vocals zoom through the heart of the track, Polychrome builds and builds to create a swooning hypnosis that’s part Tropicalia, part BBC Radiophonic Workshop and part psilocybin swoosh. Disorientating, strange, compelling, Polychrome is the opener and title track of Unloved’s first album of 2023.