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limited transparent red lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 9th Jun 2023


2cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 9th Jun 2023


cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 9th Jun 2023


'Eight' is, according to vocalist and co-songwriter, Sice, formed of songs recorded “purposefully to appear together on an album.

Before adding, “There is also a greater depth of integration, which means that it’s more difficult to tell which member of the band the song originated with.” Reflecting on 'Seeker', the album’s opening track, written about leaning on those we trust to share life’s highs and lows, bassist and co-songwriter, Tim Brown says: “This song started out as a three-chord synth pop tune and mutated into a brassy bop courtesy of trumpeter, Nick Etwell. The electric guitar flourishes were added by Louis Smith before Sice added layers of backing vocals which help drive the song along and bring it to its joyful conclusion.”



  1. Seeker
  2. The Unconscious
  3. Hollow
  4. Skeleton Woman
  5. Sorrow (I just want to be free)
  6. Sometimes I sleep
  7. Swift’s requiem
  8. The way I am
  9. A shadow darker than the rest
  10. Wash away that feeling
  11. When I find it hard
  12. Now that’s what I call obscene
  13. How was I to know
  14. Seeker (Full Version) (2cd)
  15. Skeleton Woman (Extended Version) (2cd)
  16. Sometimes I Sleep (Alternative Version) (2cd)
  17. A Shadow Darker Thank The Rest (Piano Version) (2cd)
  18. The Hollow (Alternative Version) (2cd)
  19. I Won't Be There With You (2cd)
  20. That Ain't A Way Of Life (2cd)
  21. Now I Know (2cd)
  22. All Thing Must Pass - Live At The Cavern 2022 (2cd)
  23. Spaniard - Live At The Cavern 2022 (2cd)
  24. Find The Answer Within - Live At The Cavern 2022 (2cd)