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josephine foster


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A beautifully observed baroque masterpiece, part dream pop, part futuristic psych-folk with ambient synths and Josephine Foster’s plaintive guitar.
josephine foster

Blood Rushing (10th anniversary reissue)

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Tenth anniversary reissue of Josephine Foster’s lauded ninth album ‘Blood Rushing’.
josephine foster

Graphic as a Star (rsd 21)

Record Store Day 2021 - LP + download (1000 only) - £19.99 | Buy
First time on vinyl for 10 years .
josephine foster

I’m a Dreamer (2020 reissue)

lp + download - £14.99
I’m A Dreamer from Josephine Foster’s album ‘I’m A Dreamer’ is on the great new Netflix show ‘End Of The F**cking World&rsqu...
Domestic Sphere
  1. Entrance
  2. Pendulum
  3. Dawn of Time
  4. Burnt Offering
  5. Entr'acte
  6. Gentlemen & Ladies
  7. Shrine Excerpt
  8. Birthday Song for the Dead
  9. Reminiscence
  10. Haunted House
  11. Sanctuary

josephine foster

Domestic Sphere

fire records
  • CD

    Released: 7th Apr 2023


For her austere new solo album, Domestic Sphere, Josephine Foster performs solely with her electric guitar and then subverts the usual range of her voice to embody other frequencies and sounds beyond the surface layer of the songs.

She communes so completely with every sound on the record, with the past and the future, animals and insects and birds, those so tenderly dead, and those of us who are alive. Listening to the record is a transcendent experience. It's an exorcism, one that exorcises you. Domestic Sphere, produced by Foster and collaborator Daniel Blumberg, is an altar cloth of songs stitched together as liturgical music for a restless homestead, whose values insist simply that everything is music and that our daily life is a sacred, innately creative practice. In such a world creaking door reveal natural orchestras with wailing cats in service of melodic collaborations with Tennessee songbirds, Foster's world is an extra-sensory radio play in two acts, where songs overlay structures like creeping vines.

A seance by song, Josephine channels sounds from her interior and exterior landscapes, whether integrating field recordings reflecting daily life in a Spanish village and other moments in her life as a nomadic musician, or, as in one tender cameo, the voice of her great-grandmother comes from the other side. These songs are vigils, melodies sung intently, to be set aflame and sung off with the wind.