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the sherlocks


LP - £23.99
While the rest of the world was put on hold, The Sherlocks were undergoing a rebirth.
the sherlocks

Under Your Sky

cd - £12.99 | Buy
140g lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
Phwoar – for their sophomore record this lot bagged the coral’s james skelly to produce and it’s paid off big time in a bigger, bolder and mor...

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From Nothing To A Little Bit More

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limited indies only transparent red lp + limited & exclusive retro photo card - £24.99 | Buy

black lp + limited & exclusive retro photo card - £25.99 | Buy

cd + limited & exclusive retro photo card - £13.99
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limited indies exclusive red lp - £21.99 | Buy
Lovelorn, wise-cracking and, above all, damn-well infectious folk-pop odes from the scottish troubadour.

Live At Brixton

limited smoke effect 2lp - £22.99
*** we have some 12x8" signed art cards to give away with lucky preorders of this album! if you're chosen we'll pop it in with your order *** &...
People Like Me and You
  1. Remember All The Girls
  2. Sirens
  3. No Retreat, No Surrender
  4. Going Nowhere
  5. Don't Let It Out
  6. Louder Than Words
  7. People Like Me & You
  8. On Your Mind
  9. Any Old Iron?
  10. Face the Music
  11. Here & Now
  12. Won't Stop
  13. Watson

the sherlocks

People Like Me and You

  • limited indies only tri-colour lp

    Released: 4th Aug 2023

  • lp

    Released: 4th Aug 2023

  • cd

    Released: 4th Aug 2023


These South Yorkshire lads are unstoppable! Each release has seen their star shine bigger and brighter and this one is no different - expect a right good tear up!.

Their biggest, brightest and most expansive record to date with production elements and fresh sonic touches that broaden their guitar/bass/drums foundations. It's a collection filled with personal and quintessential Sherlocks lyrical themes that are informed by the passing of time and the realisation that everyone is stepping into different stages in their lives - touching upon nostalgia, ageing, flawed relationships and escaping the rat race on wild, woozy weekends.