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Kate NV

Room For The Moon

dinked edition 50 - EXCLUSIVE swirled clear blue & yellow lp + kiss-cut sticker sheet + Numbered sleeve + download (300 only) - £21.99
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Simply incredible, singular brilliance! This is how pop would have sounded if eno, sylvian and sakamoto ruled the mainstream in the 80’s.
Ticket to Fame


  1. Haffmilch Holiday
  2. What Where
  3. Ode To Boy
  4. Destiny
  5. Potato Tomato
  6. Cosmic Dancer
  7. Rodeo
  8. Interludé
  9. Dopamine
  10. Voice Message

Decisive Pink (Kate NV + Angel Deradoorian)

Ticket to Fame

fire records
  • limited pink lp + download

    Released: 9th Jun 2023


On their first LP, they do not disappoint, calling on Kate NV’s experimental pop leanings and Angel Deradoorian’s taste for atmosphere and otherworldliness, Decisive Pink have created a playful and abstract album designed for escape and enchantment.

Electronic pop at it’s finest, the debut points to the fact that life is a puzzle, but you can still get a lot from living it. ‘Destiny’ is a smart take on the nature of belief, built on a question-and-answer format, where Angel plays a role as the seer, and Kate the enquirer. The poppy beat is reminiscent of Talking Heads’ ‘The Great Curve’, from Remain in Light. There again, it could be a sinister take on Will Powers’ ‘Kissing with Confidence’. The synth squeaks, squelches and toots sound like the timid affirmation of the initiate. Ticket to Fame is also unashamedly romantic in atmosphere and tone. Romance is to be found in the simple pleasures, such as listening to a blackbird on the instrumental ‘Rodeo’, where warm synths, a melancholic guitar pattern and hissing rhythm combine with some vocal snippets to form a soothing contemplation. Then there is ‘Ode to Boy’; a perfect pop track. The walking into the room of “more than just an ordinary boy” (doubtless “drunk with fire”) allows a set of initially different, and shortened synth patterns to build to a glorious affirmation of the power of love. “Perfect pop music” - Marc Riley, BBC6 Music