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Damien Jurado

Visions of Us On The Land

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the warmth that emanates from the final installment of the seattle native's cosmic trilogy provides an intoxicating aural high - the perfect meeting point b...
Sometimes You Hurt The Ones You Hate
  1. James Hoskins
  2. Neiman Marcus
  3. A Lover, A Balcony Fire, An Empty Orchestra
  4. Mr. Frank Dell
  5. Match Game 77 (Episode 1097)
  6. In A Way Probably Never
  7. A Buildings Kind Of Building
  8. I Was A Line

Damien Jurado

Sometimes You Hurt The Ones You Hate

maraqopa records
  • lp

    Released: 31st Mar 2023


Sometimes You Hurt The Ones You Hate' by Damien Jurado is a gorgeous, richly diverse and compact album and his third full-length on his label Maraqopa Records.

The eight tracks are heavy with emotion and feature a wide spectrum of Jurado's continuously developing talents as a songwriter.