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Tales from Terra Firma (2024 Repress)

Recycled black lp in gatefold sleeve - £26.99 | Buy
Stornoway followed up ‘Beachcomber’s Windowsill’ in 2013 with ‘Tales From Terra Firma’.

Beachcomber's Windowsill (2024 Repress)

Recycled black lp - £26.99 | Buy
as soon as those first notes hit, we were catapulted 13 years into the past, to a time of hope, folk, and whimsy - and there are few records from that era that ...

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Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane

The Moon Also Rises

limited "moon colour" lp - £22.99 | Buy
cd - £13.99 | Buy
Following their extraordinary 2021 collaboration, Flynn and MacFarlane have returned to the land for this sumptuous second trip around the maypole.
Mumford & Sons

Babel (10th Anniversary edition)

limited 180g colour lp w/ alternate artwork - £24.99 | Buy
A limited edition pressing of Mumford and Son’s much-loved album ‘Babel’, in celebration of its 10thanniversary.
Dig The Mountain!
resident exclusive signed print
  1. ‘Trouble With The Green’
  2. ‘Bag In The Wind’
  3. ‘Anwen’
  4. ‘Dig The Mountain!’
  5. ‘It’s Not Up To You’
  6. ‘The Fisherman’
  7. ‘Sea Legs’
  8. ‘The Navigator’
  9. ‘The Manatee’
  10. ‘Kicking The Stone’
  11. ‘Excelsior’


Dig The Mountain!

  • cd

    Released: 6th Oct 2023


A joyous affair that captures the heart-warming spirit that the band brought to their instore performance - a triumph in all regards!.

step-by-step, after an 8-year hiatus - they've reconnected with the love of creating music that had first inspired them to start a band. With Brian writing in a makeshift studio on a remote coastal hilltop and Jon readying a series of ideas of his own, eventually an entirely unexpected fourth Stornoway album emerged. Stornoway introduce the album with the new song ‘Trouble With The Green’. It’s the glory of sunrise (or sunset) set to music, as painted by a keen-eyed but perhaps overwhelmed observer. It’s a synaesthetic wonder, rippling with sights and sounds and birdsong. In contrast to its uplifting sound, it’s a whirlwind of tumultuous emotions which can be succinctly summarised by its striking lyric, “‘Red sun, low on the page. You can decide if it’s going up or down…’