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ezra furman

All Of Us Flames

violet lp - £23.99
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A no-holds barred approach from a righteous songwriter flexing all of her musical sinews to create something furious, fiery, and filled to the brim with an infe...
ezra furman

Sex Education (original soundtrack)

cd - £10.99 | Buy
combining material written specifically for the first two seasons, alongside previous album highlights, furman's work exudes a wonderfully nostalgic tint th...
ezra furman

Twelve Nudes

limited yellow lp - £23.99 | Buy
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furman sings and writes himself hoarse on this punky cacophony of heartful and artful unburdening.
ezra furman

Transangelic Exodus

lavender lp + download - £23.99 | Buy
full of brilliant hooks, these electro-garage-rock anthems pack a crunching heft worthy of their socio-political subject matter.
Day Of The Dog (2023 repress)
  1. I Wanna Destroy Myself
  2. Tell 'em All to Go to Hell
  3. My Zero
  4. Day of the Dog
  5. Walk on In Darkness
  6. Cold Hands
  7. Anything Can Happen
  8. And Maybe God is a Train
  9. Been So Strange
  10. The Mall
  11. At the Bottom of the Ocean
  12. Slacker / Adria
  13. Cherry Lane

ezra furman

Day Of The Dog (2023 repress)

Bar None Records
  • LP

    Released: 2nd Jun 2023


Ezra Furman has made an album of classicist rock'n'roll that never feels like an exercise, but a living, breathing piece of self-expression.

The foundations are obvious, but the simple touches that adorn them are what elevates Day of the Dog. Been So Strange, for example, is the Velvet Underground's chugging R&B reincarnated, but with the delicious addition of a horn section. It leaves you wondering why Lou Reed never thought to do the same, so well does it work. Slacker/Adria is nervy, jittery powerpop until two minutes in, when the bottom drops out of the song and it turns into a doomy riff over which Furman appears to be telling us his nightmares: "I see white crosses burning across a dark landscape." He's seen his critics coming, too: the liner notes contain an index so you can check off the references. Clever, funny, sharp and tuneful – a great rock'n'roll record.” Michael Hann (The Guardian).