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  1. Setting Sun (A.R. Kane Initiation Dub)
  2. How It Feels (howdogirlssleep Remix)
  3. Setting Sun (A.R. Kane Hero Remix)



Sonic Cathedral
  • super limited selected retailers exclusive orange 10" ep - 1 per customer

    Released: 23rd Jun 2023


Simply titled 'Remixes', the EP features two reworkings of ‘Setting Sun’ by dreampop legends AR Kane – the short "Initiation Dub" and the epic "Hero Remix", which takes the song to some unexpected and exciting new places.

Alongside Rudy’s reworkings is an equally dazzling drum’n’bass take on 2022’s single ‘How It Feels’ by the band’s guitarist Michael in his howdogirlssleep guise. “These remixes are an absolute dream!” concludes singer and guitarist Etienne. “Having a legend like Rudy doing this for us is very special. And also having Michael also exploring the experimental possibilities of ‘How It Feels’ is honestly such a great thing.”