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Theatre Of The Absurd presents: C'est La Vie

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an album of typically timeless brilliance that also reflects the wonky years of its creation, these 14 songs represent the cream of the bumper crop of tunes tha...

Wonderful (expanded edition)

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This 2CD reissue features brand new liner notes containing interviews with the band, and 14 bonus tracks.

Can’t Touch Us Now (2023 reissue)

180g Black 2lp in gatefold sleeve - £28.99 | Buy
Can't Touch Us Now is Madness’ eleventh studio album.

Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da (Expanded Edition)

2LP - £29.99 | Buy
Originally released in 2012, Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da is the tenth studio album from Madness, following 2009’s triumphant comeback album, The Liberty ...

I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side, Vol. 3 (RSD 23)

Record Store Day 2023 - 180g Black LP - £28.99 | Buy
Following on from Part 2 (released exclusively for Record Store Day 2021) ‘I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side Volume 3’ includes 12 Madness B-Sides a...

7 (Expanded Edition)

2cd - £12.99 | Buy
Following two hugely successful albums (their debut and sophomore records One Step Beyond & Absolutely, both #2 in the UK album charts), “7” was...
The Rise & Fall (Expanded Edition)
  1. Rise and Fall
  2. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)
  3. Blue Skinned Beast
  4. Primrose Hill
  5. Mr. Speaker (Gets The Word)
  6. Sunday Morning
  7. Our House
  8. Tiptoes
  9. New Delhi
  10. That Face
  11. Calling Cards
  12. Are You Coming (With Me)
  13. Madness (Is All In The Mind)
  14. Rise And Fall - BBC Kid Jensen Session
  15. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) - BBC Session
  16. Calling Cards - BBC Kid Jensen Session
  17. Are You Coming (With Me) - BBC Kid Jensen Session
  18. House Of Fun - Standalone Single
  19. Driving In My Car - Standalone Single
  20. Our House - 12" Extended Version
  21. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) - Warped 2" Version
  22. Don't Look Back - B-Side 'House Of Fun'
  23. Animal Farm - Tomorrow’s Dream Warp Mix
  24. Riding On My Bike - B Side "Driving In My Car" 12"
  25. Mad House - Our House Instrumental Mix
  26. Walking With Mr. Wheeze - B-Side 'Our House' 12"
  27. Blue Beast - Warp Mix
  28. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) - feat. Elvis Costello – Re-Recorded Version
  29. Our House - Stretch Mix
  30. The National Anthem


The Rise & Fall (Expanded Edition)

  • deluxe expanded 2cd

    Released: 26th May 2023


'The Rise & Fall' is the fourth studio album by Madness, originally released in November 1982.

It was their most experimental record to date, exhibiting a myriad styles, and was the album that confirmed their place in the musical landscape as great English songwriters as well as pop and ska masters. Featuring the hit singles ‘Our House’ and ‘Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)’, this deluxe 2CD edition also contains the standalone hits ‘House Of Fun’ and ‘Driving In My Car’, alongside a number of b-sides and alternative mixes.