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HOPELESSNESS (secretly 25th anniversary edition)

super limited "pink glass" lp + obi strip + download - 1 per customer - £22.99
Throughout Secretly Canadian’s history and its landmark releases, there is a sense of utility driving both work and art made with few boundaries and limit...
Perfume Genius

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

2lp - £19.99 | Buy
hadreas' operatic songwriting style grows stronger with each passing release; these deeply stirring songs have been built into eclectic avant garde pop epic...

Camera Obscura (rsd 22)

Record Store Day 2022 - blue lp - £26.99
‘Camera Obscura’ is the final studio album and seventh studio album overall by German singer Nico, featuring the backing band the Faction.
My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross


  1. It Must Change
  2. Go Ahead
  3. Sliver Of Ice
  4. Can’t
  5. Scapegoat
  6. It’s My Fault
  7. Rest
  8. There Wasn’t Enough
  9. Why Am I Alive Now
  10. You Be Free

ANOHNI and the Johnsons

My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross

Rough Trade Records
  • limited white lp

    Released: 7th Jul 2023

  • 180g black lp

    Released: 7th Jul 2023

  • cd

    Released: 7th Jul 2023


Chichester-born Anohni has only gone and got the old band back together! In an inevitably more soulful turn than 2016's 'Hopelessness', 'My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross' feels like a band united, thrashing through the troubles of the day via a set of emotionally transcendent, gorgeously crafted tracks that’ll stay with you long after the final note has faded.

ANOHNI’s sixth studio album expresses a world view by shape-shifting through a broad range of subject matter. Through a personal lens, ANOHNI addresses loss of loved ones, inequality, alienation, acceptance, cruelty, ecocide, devastation wrought by Abrahamic theologies, Future Feminism, and the possibility that we might yet transform our ways of thinking, our spiritual ideas, our societal structures, and our relationships with the rest of nature.

On her first full album since 2016’s 'HOPELESSNESS', she explains the creative process was painstaking, yet also inspired, joyful, and intimate, a renewal and a renaming of her response to the world as she sees it. “Some of these songs respond to global and environmental concerns first voiced in popular music over 50 years ago.”

ANOHNI’s approach since her last record has shifted from someone tasked with challenging global denial, to an artist seeking to support others on the front lines. “I learned with 'HOPELESSNESS' that I can provide a soundtrack that might fortify people in their work, in their activism, in their dreaming and decision-making. I can sing of an awareness that makes others feel less alone, people for whom the frank articulation of these frightening times is not a source of discomfort but a cause for identification and relief.

On “It Must Change,”ANOHNI soulfully describes systems in collapse with a note of compassion for humanity: “The truth is I always thought you were beautiful in your own way // That’s why this is so sad.” ANOHNI’s voice is sensual and smoothed, selectively reaching to the edges of what it can contain. “We’re not getting out of here // No one’s getting out of here // This is our world,” she murmurs.