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This Place We Live
  1. Nineteen
  2. Record Store
  3. Pushkar
  4. Caught By The Lie
  5. A Man You Used To Know
  6. Codeine
  7. This Place We Live
  8. You See It All
  9. Into The Bars
  10. Folding Unfolding

Matthew And The Atlas

This Place We Live

communion records
  • cd

    Released: 13th Oct 2023


After a hiatus of almost 4 years Matthew & The Atlas returns with his fourth record.

Breaking new boundaries for himself creatively Matt Hegarty played almost all the instruments on the record as well as largely self-producing it with some help from the talented producer Ali Chant (Yard Act, Sorry, Katy J. Pearson). The cult singer-songwriter delivers songs full of wisdom, emotional heft and a relatable sentimentality in his striking and distinctive vocal.