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Jah Wobble

Dark Luminosity: The Expanded Edition

*signed* paperback book - £12.99 | Buy
paperback book - £12.99 | Buy
Written in his own unmistakable voice and with a new afterword by the author, this is the frank and fascinating memoir by arguably the greatest bass player of h...
Jah Wobble

A Brief History Of Now

cd - £19.99 | Buy
Getting back in to the dub of things, Jah Wobble brightens up the low end throb permeating this post-punk rumble with a smattering of, dare we say it, hook-lade...
Jah Wobble

The Bus Routes of South London

cd - £13.99 | Buy
'The Bus Routes Of South London', was written by former PiL bassist Jah Wobble as he travelled on buses through the streets of South London going to, th...
Thames Symphony
  1. Hercules Buildings
  2. Vauxhall
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Hypnotic
  5. Mind Like Space
  6. Harp Melody
  7. Gliding

Jah Wobble

Thames Symphony

Jah Wobble Records
  • cd

    Released: 7th Jul 2023


Music that jah composed during and after walks by the Thames.

“Sometimes I would stop and do yoga and then write (on my iPad). Hence the track ‘downward dog’. The album artwork, similar to my ‘Bus routes of South London’ album, features my photos. The album, similar to ‘Buses’, is a ‘Flaneur record’. Inspired by the Thames. Especially walking by the Thames. Once you have done that your mind can always take you back to there. There’s no centre to your mind, no boundary. So all is possible” – Jah Wobble