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RSD 2020 has had to socially distance & is taking place globally across 3 separate Saturdays:

Aug 29. Sep 26. Oct 24



The releases have been split across these dates & will be available in 3 separate “drops”.  The division of the official #RSD20 titles can be viewed here:

All titles can be found on our website, with format info & prices.


After the success of running drop 1 in a safe and socially distanced manner, we'll be running drop 2 in the same way with the in store sales running 8am - 5pm this time. You can join us in person - albeit in a more restrained form than usual - or you can join us online the same evening. As there are fewer titles in Drops 2 & 3, we don't anticipate long queues or a website meltdown. 

Please note all of the below information is subject to change. We are doing our utmost to keep all the info up to date as we are informed of changes. We aren't always informed of changes however so sometimes things are as much news to us as they are to you!

here's everything we'll have for drop 3 on 24/10/20, split by format :


find all the individual product pages for...
drop 1 : 28/08/20  here

drop 2 : 26/09/20 here

drop 3 : 24/10/20 here

...and all of them together here