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RSD 2021 is taking place globally across 2 separate Saturdays:

12th June & 17th July

click here to see everything we still have in stock from drop 1 on 12th june

click here to see everything we currently expect to be stocking on 17th july

online sales for drop 2 will now be the same as they were for drop 1 - all remaining stock will be online the same day from 6pm!


There's a lot to wade through & we're getting there but a few things to note in the meantime:
- we do always stock almost all of the Record Store Day releases, so there's a good chance we will be stocking whatever you are looking for

- we always price fairly as we don't believe in the "RSD tax" & get loads of feedback about how competitive our prices are
- we have a really good relationship with our suppliers & work hard to secure good allocations of releases. We generally get very healthy quantities of the most in demand releases

Please note all information is subject to change. We always do our utmost to keep all the info up to date as we are informed of changes. We aren't always informed of changes however, so sometimes things are as much news to us as they are to you!