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Babes Never Die

fat cat


Released: 4th Nov 2016


limited indies-only translucent green lp

Released: 4th Nov 2016

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Released: 4th Nov 2016


The glagow duo have pulled off an album of big, loud, addictive pop-songs on album #2, the hooks backing-up the production every step of the way.

The tunes are even more gratifyingly anthemic this time around, accompanied by a pleasingly punchy bottom-middle end. Stina Tweeddal‘s vocals are a joy, full of character, intoning bile where required, and a girl-group sweetness elsewhere. They evoke a de-Californicafied Best Coast, or Scottish take on Courtney Barnett, and as such are a band these isles are very much in need of. This album that ought to make them huge, and who could begrudge them? “This is an assured step forward in every sense - Honeyblood are back from the brink and there’s a new sting in their tail” 8/10­ – the line of best fit

Babes Never Die


  1. Intro
  2. Babes Never Die
  3. Ready For The Magic
  4. Sea Hearts
  5. Love Is A Disease
  6. Walking At Midnight
  7. Justine, Misery Queen
  8. Sister Wolf
  9. Hey, Stellar
  10. Cruel Kids
  11. Gangs
  12. Outro