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nadine shah

Holiday Destination

1965 Records Limited


Released: 25th Aug 2017


limited signed 2lp + poster + download

Released: 25th Aug 2017


her compelling 3rd full-length is richly imaginative, evoking the majesty of pj harvey, while the lyrical themes she examines are fascinating, under-explored in the wide world of music.

On one of the many standout tracks ‘Out the Way’, Shah grapples with the fact that as a second-generation immigrant, her identity is constantly brought into question, with the song appropriately ricocheting with burning intensity, bubbling over the bed of Pete Wareham's taut, jagged saxophone as she contemplates the rise of global nationalism. Elsewhere Shah pulls no punches, exploring equally pertinent topics with similar intelligence & personality; from global issues such as the Calais refugee crisis & the Syrian civil war, to the more personal problems of inner turmoil surrounding the pressure of social conforming, the state of our mental health & simply encouraging others to have empathy. “smart & bitter laments on excellent third” 8/10 – uncut.

Holiday Destination


  1. Place Like This
  2. Holiday Destination
  3. 2016
  4. Out The Way
  5. Yes Men
  6. Evil
  7. Ordinary
  8. Relief
  9. Mother Fighter
  10. Jolly Sailor