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the dusk in us

Epitaph / Deathwish


Released: 3rd Nov 2017


Standard black LP + 28 page booklet + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2017

out of stock RSD stores exclusive indigo coloured LP + 28 page booklet + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2017

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their 10th record sees some of their most powerful riffs to date, whilst the frantic stops and starts and howling vocals bring the exhilarating intensity we’ve always loved from them.

one of the most original and innovative bands to emerge from the punk underground, they’ve been making singularly aggressive, loud and outrageous music since the 90’s. Converge are to modern metal what the Ramones were to punk, with albums like ‘Jane Doe’ and ‘You Fail Me’ considered touchstones of the genre and this is destined to become another. we recommend if you like code orange, deafkids, or helpless. “this is a record that people outside of the ‘metallic hardcore’ culture should definitely investigate” 8.5/10 – metal wani.

the dusk in us


  1. A Single Tear
  2. Eye Of The Quarrel
  3. Under Duress
  4. Arkhipov Calm
  5. I Can Tell You About Pain
  6. The Dusk In Us
  7. Wildlife
  8. Murk & Marrow
  9. Trigger
  10. Broken By Light
  11. Cannibals
  12. Thousands Of Miles Between Us
  13. Reptilian