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Corinne Bailey Rae

The Sea (rsd 22)

Record Store Day 2022 - 180g tranparent blue lp - £23.99 | Buy
Her 2nd album.

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Our Icelandic queen pushes boundaries yet again on this simultaneously challenging and joyous work - she's standing, untouchable, in a field of her own crea...


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‘The Woods’ is the seventh and final studio album from Sleater-Kinney, released on May 24, 2005 by Sub Pop.
Black Rainbows
  1. A Spell A Prayer
  2. Black Rainbows
  3. Erasure
  4. Earthlings
  5. Red Horse
  6. New York Transit Queen
  7. He Will Follow You With His Eyes
  8. Put It Down
  9. Peach Velvet Sky
  10. Before The Throne of The Invisible God

Corinne Bailey Rae

Black Rainbows

Black Rainbows Music
  • limited indies only red 2lp

    Released: 15th Sep 2023

  • 2lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 15th Sep 2023

  • cd

    Released: 15th Sep 2023


The Corinne Bailey Rae-naissance is here! Kicking her previous sounds into the long grass, the Leeds lass is tearing it up with as broad a spectrum of sounds as you can possibly imagine - bruising us with snarling riot grrrl action then soothing us with astounding and experimental sound work before looping it all back together with a vestige of neo soul and R&B: it's top stuff, make no mistake!.

Sonically, the album is a multi-genre mix of the progressive R&B, neo soul sound that will be familiar to fans but it also contains rock, jazz and electronic elements. 'Black Rainbows' is a musical project inspired by the objects and artworks collected by Theaster Gates at the Stoney Island Arts Bank in Chicago. Situated at the Great Grand Crossing neighborhoods of Chicago's South Side, Stoney Island Arts Bank is a cathedral to Black Art, a curated collection of Black archives comprising books, sculpture, records, furniture and problematic objects from America's past. As well as being a site for archive, the Arts bank is also a place for convening. Bailey Rae attended The Black Artists Retreat there in 2017 and performed in the space. Wide ranging in it's themes, 'Black Rainbows'' subjects are drawn from encounters with objects in the Arts Bank. Taking us from the rock hewn churces of Ethiopia, to the journeys of Black Pioneers Westward, from Miss New York Transit Queen 1957, to how the sunset appears from Harriet Jacobs' loophole. 'Black Rainbows' explores Black femininity, Spell Work, Inner Space/Outer Space, time collapse and ancestors, the erasure Black childhood and music as a vessel for transcendence.